Welcome to the homepage of xmms-jack, a jack audio output plugin for XMMS.

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6/10/2007 v0.19
6/10/2007 v0.18
6/17/2006 v0.17
2/11/2006 v0.16
11/7/2005 v0.15
4/15/2005 v0.14
4/10/2005 v0.13
3/19/2005 v0.12
11/29/2004 v0.11
9/12/2004 v0.10
4/1/2004 v0.9
2/17/2004 v0.8.1
2/13/2004 v0.8
1/19/2004 v0.7
    Loads of changes in this version, most notably:
12/1/2003 v0.6
    Make versions agree
    Bump version up to 0.6
    Fix songs not finishing bug with merge with latest bio2jack changes
    Many improvements from bio2jack changes, look at that changelog for more info
    Uploaded a v0.6 driver to sourceforge

    Just started using the xmms crossfading plugin after Kasper Souren mentioned having trouble using the xmms-jack plugin with it.  I'm happy to report that this excellent plugin appears to work fine with xmms-jack and adds a very nice touch to listening to songs.

11/24/2003 v0.5
    Merged in the latest bio2jack, driver is now fully non-blocking
    Now compatible with jack 0.90.0
    Fixed a handful of bugs
    Uploaded new source/binary packages to sourceforge
    As usual send me some email if you have trouble with the driver and I'll see what I can do.

- Chris

10/26/2003: Picked this up again.  Merged in the latest changes to bio2jack so this plugin is now usable with recent versions of jack.  Still working on a few changes to bio2jack that should make the plugin work more smoothly, updates to this webpage and cvs to come shortly ;-)

1/7/2003: Uploaded the first release to sourceforge.  The driver should be usable now and only a few bugs remain ;-)

1/3/2003: CVS archive is setup and available.

12/30/2002: Sourceforge.net project is setup.  Initial driver was completed yesterday.  Should be setting the cvs archive up shortly.  Still a few bugs in the driver, the most noticeable one is that mp3s never finish playing, no doubt due to a mismatch in the expected time in milliseconds that has been played and the time in milliseconds being returned.

The plugin was developed using and in conjunction with the bio2jack audio library. bio2jack aids in porting blocking audio(OSS/Alsa/Arts) applications to jack.

Screenshot by Alex Marandon

Written by Chris Morgan<cmorgan@alum.wpi.edu>

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